Friday, February 10, 2012

The Birthday Party

Tomorrow the Chacon family is celebrating Grandma Sally's 90th Birthday. NOW THAT IS SOME FEAT!! and surely something to celebrate.  I am making cake pops, lemon and blueberry tarts, scalloped potatoes, a wasabi roll and fruit dip. I am also in charge of the buffet table and the kids table.  We decided to do the main color in red, one because its so available right now and two because we can use it again in July for the 4th and December for Christmas.  I chose to do the kids table in butcher paper so they can doodle on it and it will be an easy clean up!  I will post pictures later on everything that we do.  Today has been about cooking and preparing and then we will go tonight to partially set up.  Tomorrow morning once all the potatoes are finished we will head over to finish any last minute details.  We should have over 30 people!! i truly enjoy family times!

delicious brownies! Amazing recipe!

 Cake Pops! so easy, although time consuming, they are fantastic.

Easy peasy mini cheese cakes with blueberry topping. (I have recently found this at the dollar store, in cherry and lemon! Frugal price!  (I will try to post all  these recipes this weekend! 5/12/12)

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I have been struggling with balancing life! The children, activities, homework, our business, the lack of money, bills... I dont seem to have a balance anywhere and it is physically exhausting!  I have gone back to the basics... first prayer. I did not grow up in a spiritual home. While I believed god existed, that was the extent of it.  I am trying to bring the lord into our home for my children, for us.  Recently I have been praying on and off all during the day. Trying to stay on task of the duties that need to be completed. While I am still failing at completing every task that needs to be done. I am getting more things completed and I am happier in the mornings when I wake up and when I go to bed.  This is urgently important because I need to create harmony in my home.  When we as adults are stressed, and it becomes too much for us, it seeps into our every move. That means that the kids end up affected by it. and by golly if its too much for us, its got to be confusinly difficult for them.  I have vowed not to mention finances, frustrations and my failures.  I wake up in a happy mood and miraculously my kids are happy too.... I kiss them off to school with a smile and a word of encouragement and there days go well.... I greet them with a smile afterschool and find they have had a great day.  and i snuggle them to bed at night and they have sweet dreams.  Deep Breath.... Relax.... they are growing up too fast. I would love to have anyone give me some pointers, how do you balance? How do you bring Christ into your home? How do you find your happiness?  I am looking forward to this weekend, to Celebrating our grandmothers 90th Birthday... a definate celebration of life!