Monday, November 19, 2012

Cherishing The Time. A day of apple picking in Oak glen

This picture was taken at a beautiful orchard in Oak Glen, CA.  We I decided to go apple picking during the week so that the crowds would be less and therefore the trip much more enjoyable. These are things I have to think about when planning a trip with a kid with disabilities AND a 90 year old grandma!  Unfortunately on busy days they only have a small number of apples to choose from.. this day, ONE.. yes, one! I was a bit frustrated as we can get typical Red Delicious at the grocery store. However keeping in mind WE get to pick the apples, its really the experience vs. the type, everything was going to be A OK!  Grandma was also upset, she kept wanting to try the Honey apple, but I kept telling her, its the experience and spending time together!

It was quite comical to see me trying to navigate the blind (not to him) kiddo, the 90 year old grandma and make sure the princess didn't pick ALL of the apples.   Now apple picking isn't the least expensive activity to take part in.  It was $20.00 just for a small plastic bag, half (or smaller) a grocery store bag, so we shared the bag, which also meant sharing the apple picking. So within 10 minutes or so, our bag was filled and the kids were ready for our next adventure. We were off to find a good place for lunch!    There was a quaint little place in town, Apple Annie's (I think).  They were quite busy but the food was delish! I had a sandwich, and the kids had soup and grandma chose a HUGE grilled cheese!

All in all our day went amazing! I love the time spent with grandma and look forward to the holidays with many more memories made. I just pray that my kids are soaking up the things she says, does and how she treats them.  In my opinion we are on borrowed time with Grandma... This is truly a time to be THANKFUL for.  What a wonderrful day and wonderful memories to tuck into my heartstrings.