Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Little Things

I cant believe how time is flying by! Summer seems to be upon us (well one day and then the next its raining and then back to 90 degree days.. and back to raining...). I love summer. I love the memories of my summers as a child. The hot weather... summer trips to the beach, even though mom hated the sand! Times spent in Utah, one of my favorite places of all times. I think mainly because of the memories. In summer I love the lack of a schedule! I am so much more efficient with a schedule and a list (as Im am seeing lately.. I NEED a list!) But summer.. the lazy days of summer. We have 25 days of school left. For my two munchkins this means tests! Sissy is being assest for a learning disability (possibly a processing disorder) and Bubba has his tri-annual IEP and that consists of many different tests to see how he is progressing. I think sometimes, for some disabilities, this means qualifying for the IEP for the coming year, however bubba is blind or visually impaired, however you want to phrase it.  So he will still be on this IEP next year. So I titled this "The Little Things" as thats what I am seeing that is SO vitally important and so easily lost in the hustle bustle of our days.  So for todays little things...  Sissy and I came up with a recipe last night. Today Bubba and I browned the meat and cooked the pasta. Once Sissy got home she and I sauteed the onions, mixed the sauce and meat together and put it all in the casserole dish. I had to run Sissy to girl scouts so I fixed the oven and showed Bubba how to operate it. I put stickers on the ON button and on the BAKE button. He can feel them and know what buttons to push! :) Lets hope tonights dish is far better than last nights mini meatloaf mush! Tuesdays are our busy days. We have both boy scouts and girl scouts! Im sure hoping I am making positive memeories for my children. What are some of the little things you do to help capture this time that is flying by.

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