Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Anticipated Summer Camp!

This summer was to be full of summer camp. Both kids are fortunate to benefit from Junior Blind of America www.juniorblindofamerica.org and their amazing summer camp, Camp Bloomfield. This camp is for children who are blind or visually impaired.
Breck is able to go to 3 different camps that they offer. The three he chose were  Youth Development Camp, Middle School and Goal Ball.   The camps sessions do various activities such as archery, rock wall climbing, wire walking, horseback riding, tandem cycling, hiking, judo, and many others.  In the Goal Ball session the kids are immersed everything pertaining to Goal Ball. This is the one camp I was very excited about for Breck to go to. Its a sport he can participate in equally as everyone else and something he could potentially be really good at. Destiny chose Youth Development so she could be with Breck and other friends who were going to that session. She goes as a "Buddy" to a visually impaired/blind camper.  

Both kids had a great time at Youth Development! Its fun to watch them mature and oh so scary that my little lady is talking boys!  Apparently Breck had some issues with speaking kindly and keeping his hands to himself. He was talked to several times. (I know this from Destiny). I drove the 2 hours to Los Angeles to drop him off for Middle School  Camp and was spoke to then about his past behavior. We then discussed with Breck about keeping his hands to himself, and speaking kindly. I was truly devastated that "My" son, was treating others like this.  Camp Bloomfield is a special camp for special kids, all of the kids have some sort of vision impairment or complete vision loss. Breck has had his fair share of names being called, teased, and bullied. I'm at awe as to why he would treat someone meanly.  Anyways we talked to him and made it very clear that I would be called to drive the 3 hours to Malibu and pick him up if this continued.  That was Monday, Wednesday night at about 9pm I was pulling into Camp Bloomfield to pick up my darling son.  I'm frustrated, hurt, confused and really, just don't know where to go or what to do.  He seems to have no concept of when its appropriate to play and when it isn't. Nor does he quite realize his own strength.  I have him scheduled with a counselor in hoping this will help. She has recommended a psychologist and possible medication to help with his ADHD. This is a hard one we have a 50/50 vote here at home. I'm leaning more towards yes and Breck has said he would like to try some meds. humm... is he old enough to help us make the decision?  I'll be looking in to some natural remidies/aids first.
Needless to say... summer wasn't FULL of camp. The Goal Ball session will have to be something we work on for next year. I also need to find a one/one aide for him to be able to attend. This is my project to be working on in the near future.

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